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Followers 66,220+ Page status Public
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Engagement Rate 9% Avg Post Reach 58,948 Avg Story Reach 21,000 Audience Gender Men- 73% Women- 27%
Audience Location Country India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, United States, Indonesia Audience Location City Delhi, Mumbai, Ahemdabad, Kolkata, Surat
Avg Like 5,783 Avg Comment 78 Like:Comment 74:1
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Name Awindrila Gender Male AGE Age Unknown From Kolkata, West Bengal Page Category Non-Adult Memes Influencer type Meme Influencer
I Don't Prefer Barter
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Post ₹500 Story ₹250 Post + Story ₹700
Instagram influencer Awindrila is from Kolkata, West Bengal and is a Meme Influencer, they post content on Non-Adult Memes categories. Their Instagram page has around 66,220 followers and their page is Public. To sponsor a post on this page costs around Rs. 500 and going for the story costs around Rs. 250 while combining both of these, costs around Rs. 700. You can contact the influencer using the contact form available so that the influencer will be notified and you can proceed with your promotion. Promoting your product with the influencers can bring you good reach and higher engagement.
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