Saregama & Socialveins Collaboration: The 'Tu mile Dil khile' Success Story

Discover how Saregama and Socialveins teamed up to create ‘Tu mile Dil khile’, a hit song that blends old and new, and learn about the big splash it’s making in the music world.


Views on the reels 


Views on YouTube within just three days of its release


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Imagine diving into a sea of timeless tunes. That’s what Saregama offers – a treasure trove of top-notch songs. Over time, Saregama has become a trusted friend for music lovers, carefully curating a playlist of songs from the most respected artists around.


We had a mission. We wanted to shine a spotlight on a beautiful rendition of the classic song, “Tum Mile Dil Khile,” performed by the talented Aditya Raj. But we wanted to do more than just promote a song. We wanted to reignite a love for classic music and blend the old-world charm with today’s trends.


We came up with a fun idea – why not mix retro music with modern fashion? So, we asked creators to strut their stuff, showcasing their fashion style inspired by retro models. It was all about mixing “retro with style” in a fresh and exciting way.

Strategy Details:-

We invited 60 creators to join us on this journey. Their task? Pick a favorite retro actor or actress and let their style inspire a unique interpretation of the song. The result was a captivating fusion of retro and modern vibes that had their audiences hooked. We even got the audience involved, asking them to share their favorite 90s song.


Our team of 60 creators, including 50 mid-creators and 10 micro-creators, each created one reel and one story. It was a joy to see how they each brought their unique style to the song.


We were blown away by the response. The reels clocked up over 1 million views. And the song? It was a hit on YouTube, with more than 50,000 views in just three days.

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