HappyDent & Socialveins: Chewing Towards Change!!!

Unveiling the impactful journey of HappyDent and Socialveins: A campaign that used the power of influencers to promote social causes and spread smiles across India.


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HappyDent isn’t just a chewing gum brand. It’s a brand that brings smiles to faces with its teeth-whitening, smile-brightening products. But HappyDent wanted to do more than just brighten smiles; it wanted to spread joy across India.


We had a mission. We wanted to expand the idea of HappyDent beyond just a product and promote a sense of humanitarianism. We wanted to show that HappyDent is a brand that cares.


We decided to run a social cause-driven campaign. We handpicked over 1,000 nano-micro influencers to join us in this movement. But we didn’t want to dictate their content. Instead, we encouraged them to create content around a social cause close to their hearts. Whether it was donating food, feeding animals, visiting slums, or helping physically challenged individuals, we wanted our influencers to spread joy in their own unique ways.


This campaign was one of the most heartwarming projects we’ve ever been a part of. Seeing our influencers take the initiative and use their platforms to make a difference was truly inspiring.


And the results? They were incredible! Our top reels garnered over 3 million views and received over 2 million comments. But more than the numbers, it was the smiles we helped spread that made this campaign a success.

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